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Portlands Loft

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Portlands Loft


The Portland Lofts project involved the complex construction of aluminium sub-structures and MyDek’s Composite Cement Luxura Board on top. These structures were specifically designed to provide tenants with easy access to their properties from their terraced areas. The construction process was meticulous and focused on ensuring structural safety and long-term durability.

Purpose of Aluminium Structures

The aluminium structures were strategically positioned to enhance accessibility and convenience for tenants. By incorporating the aluminium structures, the terraced areas became easily accessible for the tenants. This not only improved the aesthetics of the project but also enhanced the overall fluidity of the space.

Structural Safety

The safety of the structures was a top priority throughout the construction phase. The aluminium materials used were carefully chosen for their strength and resistance to corrosion. The structures were carefully designed to withstand the intended use and to last for many years. Additionally, proper installation techniques were employed to ensure the stability of the structures, minimizing potential risks.

Usage and Longevity

The aluminium structures built for the Portland Lofts project were built to last. They were designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular use and to withstand changing weather conditions. Proper maintenance and timely repairs will be essential to ensure the longevity and functionality of the structures. By adhering to proper maintenance practices, the aluminium structures can continue to provide a safe and practical solution for accessing tenants’ properties for years to come.


The Portland Lofts project showcases the success of incorporating aluminium structures and Mydek’s cement fibre boards. The structures not only improved accessibility but also enhanced the overall aesthetics of the project. The careful construction process focused on structural safety and durability, ensuring that the structures can withstand the demands of regular use. With the longevity and reliability of the aluminium structures, tenants can enjoy easy access to their properties for many years to come.

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Pre-Fabricated Balconies


George and his team are a great asset for us. They have worked some prestigious and high-profile balcony remediation projects across the UK using AliDeck materials, several of which have been featured in earlier issues of Housing Association Magazine. We're always pleased with the outcomes they achieve with our products.

RichardDirector - AliDeck

I have no hesitation in highly recommending ALU Installations. They provided us with a real proactive and responsible team of operatives. Who, not only helped us out on our project but went over and above their work brief. Our program had fallen behind schedule due to previous poor contractor installations, ALU managed to complete more work in less time whilst providing installation of the highest standards I have seen. ALU's project supervisor Kevin, won our monthly site safety league award during their works with us. ALU Installations are a top quality company who provide outstanding service.

Jeff CunnewSite Manager - Kier Construction

Alu-Installations and Ali-Deck carried out a full Design, Supply and Installation service which included Balcony Screens, Terraces, Roof-Tops and Internal walkways. T The work was carried out over 3 occupied blocks. All existing timber needed to be stripped and replaced. The work was carried out safely and efficiently. The workmanship was excellent. The overall finish was a job to be proud off. Highly recommended.

Huseyin KaynakciManaging Quantity Surveyor at Breyer

Having used ALU Installations on several projects, I have always been impressed with their professionalism. They are a contractor who always delivers to the highest standards. They are reliable, efficient, and responsive. I would highly recommend ALU Installations to anyone looking for a contractor to carry out remedial or new build.

Sam BartlettDirector - Willbar Construction

Quality, Training & Health And Safety

Throughout every aspect of our business, we are committed to maintaining high health and safety standards. Our in-house Health and Safety team oversees all aspects of our operations, including risk assessments, method statements, and mental health first aid. The safety and health of our employees and clients are a top priority and a core value of our organisation. Over the past 5 years, ALU’s accident frequency rate ‘AFR’ has been 0.00. Our record speaks for itself.

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