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Discover the numerous benefits of choosing non-combustible decking for your property, including enhanced safety, durability, and environmental advantages.


At Alu Installations, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality decking solutions prioritising safety, durability, and environmental sustainability. Non-combustible decking is a superior choice for homeowners and property developers looking to enhance their outdoor spaces. This blog explores the benefits of opting for non-combustible decking. It clarifies why it’s a wise investment for any property.

Understanding Non-Combustible Decking

Non-combustible decking is crafted from fire-resistant materials and does not contribute to flames’ spread. Unlike traditional wooden decking, which can pose a fire risk, non-combustible options are made from aluminium and other fire-resistant composites. This type of decking is designed to withstand high temperatures, providing a safer alternative for outdoor spaces.

Fire Safety and Compliance

One of the primary benefits of non-combustible decking is its contribution to fire safety. Using fire-resistant materials significantly reduces the risk of fire spreading, protecting both residential and commercial properties. This is particularly important in areas prone to wildfires or buildings where fire safety is paramount. Additionally, non-combustible decking meets stringent building regulations and safety standards, ensuring compliance and enhancing overall property safety.

Durability and Longevity

Non-combustible decking is known for its exceptional durability. Resistant to weather conditions and wear and tear, this type of decking requires minimal maintenance compared to traditional wood decking. It does not warp, rot, or deteriorate over time, making it a long-term investment that saves homeowners time and money on repairs and replacements. The robust nature of non-combustible materials ensures that your decking will look and function beautifully for many years.

Environmental Benefits

Choosing non-combustible decking also benefits the environment. Many non-combustible decking options are made from eco-friendly materials that can be recycled. The production process for these materials often has a lower environmental impact than traditional wood decking. By opting for sustainable decking solutions, you contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly building practices.

Aesthetic Versatility

Non-combustible decking does not compromise on aesthetics. It offers a wide range of design options and flexibility, allowing homeowners to customise their outdoor spaces to match their personal style and the architectural design of their property. Whether you prefer a modern, sleek look or a more traditional appearance, non-combustible decking can be tailored to enhance your property’s visual appeal and value.


While the initial investment for non-combustible decking might be higher than traditional options, the long-term savings are substantial. It’s durability and low maintenance requirements mean you’ll spend less on upkeep and replacements over time. Compared to the costs associated with repairing or replacing wooden decking, non-combustible decking is a cost-effective solution that offers excellent value for money.

Ease of Installation

Non-combustible decking is designed for ease of installation. At Alu Installations, we provide professional installation services to ensure your decking is installed correctly and efficiently. DIY installation is also viable for those who prefer a hands-on approach, with many non-combustible decking systems designed for straightforward assembly. The installation timeline for non-combustible decking is typically shorter than that of traditional decking, allowing you to enjoy your new outdoor space sooner.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Our portfolio includes numerous success stories of satisfied customers who have firsthand experienced the benefits of non-combustible decking. From residential homes to commercial properties, our clients have seen improved safety, enhanced aesthetics, and increased property value. Customer testimonials and a gallery of completed projects provide real-life examples of how non-combustible decking can transform outdoor spaces.


Choosing non-combustible decking for your property offers numerous benefits, from enhanced fire safety and durability to environmental sustainability and aesthetic appeal. At Alu Installations, we are committed to providing high-quality, fire-resistant decking solutions that meet our clients’ needs and preferences. Invest in non-combustible decking today to enjoy a safer, more beautiful, sustainable outdoor space.

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